Text Logo
Class Icon
I wanted my icon to be representive of the brand name and therefore would be a callback to class iconography from many classic and new games.
Video/Stream Overlay
In order to give the most enjoyable experience possible for my streams and videos I wanted to create a very simplistic overlay which still managed to give the prime information and branding required to make the content my own.
YouTube Banner
My channel was something very important that I wanted to get right,especially the banner as its very first thing you see when coming to my channel.This meant I absolutely wanted to make sure this was done right as it gives a first impression and representation of myself.
Twitter Header
Just like my YouTube banner,it was important I also got my Twitter header right as Twitter is main form of interaction with others in the community and often is the platform of which people discover me.
Destiny Ghost Wallpaper
Halo 5 Spartan Locke Wallpaper
Another image manipulation created to test the flexibility of my branding.