Source Material:
First of all I thought of what I could do with the source material I was working with. In this case I had the amazing Kmagic101 Logo and wolves to work with which were made by the amazing talented Danielle Murray (WeProvoke Design) You can find some of her astounding works of art here.
Design Base:
Next was the entire basis of the design, SIVA. This is taken from the new Destiny expansion and to me is an awe inspiring art style. It’s no industry secret that Destiny has an award winning phenomenal graphical style and this new approach was no different and the reason I wanted to take my own stance on it.
Thumbnail Design:
This was the original reason for the design existing as a thumbnail was needed for Kevin’s first full raid clear along with picking up the most elusive item in the game , I wanted to stay as true to the SIVA style as possible yet still make the thumbnail eye catching and fit Kmagic101’s core branding philosophies.
Final Design:
After creating the thumbnail I decided I really enjoyed working with this art style and simply wasn’t happy with only creating with therefore I turned it into a wallpaper style at piece which scaled reasonably well thanks to the original thumbnail design’s core attributes. I feel like I definitely may come back to this piece or at least this art style at some point as I great enjoyed working with it and feel like more could be explored.

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