Embopp Branding 2015

This piece of work was a favour for a good friend of mine, Em, a Twitch streamer mainly focused on games such as Destiny and Fallout 4. Therefore I tried to accomplish branding that reflected her focus and gave a true image of her streams.



I wanted to keep this similar to the avatar as throughout the branding coherency was important in keeping the branding as professional as possible throughout all forms of online media .In addition I made a change to the blurred background being of the icon Traveller from the Destiny franchise.

YouTube Banner / Wallpaper:

For the banner I simply used and extended elements from the header on a larger scale in order to provide the for-mentioned cohesion the branding required in order to look professional on all platforms, hence the 16:9 format.

Twitch Offline Image:

Twitch Panels: